Retire Young, Retire Rich - Did you know?

Jun 08, 2016



" If you want to retire young and retire rich, it is very important that your money be like a bird dog, going out everyday and bringing home more and more assets " 


- Robert Kiyosaki, an American Businessman and also a self-help author who has written a book named " Retire Young, Retire Rich ". Mr. Robert Kiyosaki has written several books over a wide spectrum to unfurl financial education content related to Cashflow, Real Estate, Investments, etc. According to him, building networks is an aspect which is fetched by all the riches while everyone else is looking for a job suitable to them. Well, on the contrary most of our young generation believes that jobs pose a great deal of income security and thus, the struggle to climb up the corporate ladder still prevails in each and every sector of the market. But are you aware of some young and successful entrepreneurs who've got a net worth exceeding that of most job goers? Bringing to you some illustrative examples of entrepreneurs under the age of 20. Yes, 20, you heard me right. 


1. Hart Main - He's a 14 year old who came up with an idea of introducing manly scented candles while he was teasing his sister for selling girly scented candles at a school fundraiser program. Little did she know, that her brother would pursue this wholly. The initial investment included $100 that he collected by himself and $200 that his parents provided him with. Under the name of ManCans' candles, now these candles are sold over 60 stores in more than 5-6 scents and over 9,000 units have already been sold. 


2. Cameron Johnson - Cameron Johnson got his start when was just 9 ( can't believe it, can you? Let's read further ) He first made invitations for his parents' holiday party and there he was, 2 years later Johnson had made thousands of dollars selling cards through his company he called Cheers and Tears and by the time he was 15, he had formed other businesses with total revenues of $300,000 to $400,000 per month. 


3. Uhhh, no, wait. Amazed already, aren't you? There's more to this article now - 


The purpose behind sharing these  was not to get you bewildered, but aware of what you can do by yourself. Both, Hart and Cameron started young, were their business ideas even as complicated as a two step puzzle? The answer is NO. Do you'll think that people like them will prefer to work until the age that an employee in a business firm works? Again, No. Sir Robert Kiyosaki says, " We are our biggest assets, we are also our biggest liabilities. " It just means that we got the ability to empower and destroy ourselves. You simply to keep doing whatever you've stepped into, and just keep doing it till you understand it and then retire young, successful and RICH!


How many of you would prefer retiring rich at an early age and travel the world with your loved one than a 9-5 and retirement at 65? 

- Nisa Panjwani



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