"We don't grow when things are easy ,we grow when we face challenges."- Pulkit Agarwal , CEO Encodezero

Oct 18, 2016


Struggle is a beautiful thing in itself and it's the most  "influential" element in our journey .From being discussed the idea  to its implementation;From building up a team of capable hands to  green thumbs for our projects ,the one thing that has been constant  in our journey is our strong passion to do something big not just  for the sake of earning a two meal bread but to generate awareness by using hands on technology and rendering applications for the social and global benefit.Apart from just being in websites and apps,we introduced Virtual Reality,a revolutionary concept ,but many are unaware about it.We hunt down some really good projects,our first client firm that was based in US. In this enlivening struggle of one and a half month,Encode Zero has successfully completed 12+ projects and is moving with celerity in gathering up clients and projects.Well ,the word "challenge" reminds me of something ,"We don't grow when things are easy ,we grow when we face challenges.",and I'm happy we together have encountered a lot .The biggest challenge we have faced was of gaining trust from the people,because there are so many firms that wind up work in this field ,we had to stand out unique and efficacious.When we talk about overcoming them it is itself a challenge and yes we know our capabilities and that we  would always rise over them by facing them together ,because the element of "togetherness "and a sense of understanding sprinkled with hard work and proficient minds ,we come up as standing tall together as Encode Zero. . From deciding up the concept to the name,from gathering up skilled designers and since our company is based on work ethics, trust is what that keeps us together through ups and downs in this great journey; to enriching ourselves and getting prepared for challenges.Our company has encountered with a lot of good changes. Initially,trust is an important role if we wish to stand different and worthy and yes in getting up clients and projects.It is not the work we deliver ,it's the trust that we deliver in our clients ,it's not a matter of earning a two meal bread and finances but leaving our work mark on them and trust in their satisfied eyes ,This is the change we see.Not only web designing and work of this genre but the responsibility that we see in contributing social and global benefit .We have introduced a revolutionary concept that is heavily clouded in our ITs is Virtual Reality,Encode Zero wishes to bring about a good change with VRs vast dimensions. A company that not only has covered aspects , completed projects ,built acquaintances with companies but a company with a vision of bringing a transmutation in the IT Market. A company that not only has multiplied itself but we as being it's individuals,we grow and multiply our capabilities. A company who is avowed with ethics and to delivering the finest quality of work in the forthcoming years.


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